Shower Doors Toronto: Doors to Bath Time Heaven

August 6, 2012

Academy Glass has that pioneering edge over most other glass companies in Toronto. It has been involved in bringing cutting edge designs, technologies and styles to the glass and mirror market. So it comes as no surprise that their shower doors are the very best in town!

Shower doors, from the House of Academy Glass are an absolute thrill for anyone. It makes morning people out of those who hate waking up and getting ready for work every morning. The luxurious feel of these doors lends itself to your bath time experience and you find yourself working that same energy into your day.

These shower doors are fashioned with the help of numerous textures and tints for that truly designer feel to your bathroom. With these shower doors, Academy Glass really has come a long way in all things to do with décor in the bathroom. And adding glamour to these doors are the beautiful shower enclosures from the House of Academy Glass.

The shower enclosures from Academy Glass are a class apart. They are fashioned in various shapes and sizes to fit all kinds of bathrooms. They come with beautiful state of the art equipment and fittings, making them one of the most desirable products for bath time fun. These shower enclosures have been designed with the strictest inspection tests and safety measures in mind. They have passed all the tests and are equipped with proper floor and ceiling grips and textures that make them absolutely safe to be in during a bath. Further, the fittings are such that strength and durability are the two terms that come to mind when you regard them. Also, the beading and construction is fashioned in such a way that there is less chance of deposits in terms of grime and dirt. This feature also makes these enclosures low maintenance.

The best part about these shower doors and shower enclosures is the fact that these products help you luxuriate in an otherwise hurried activity. With these products you can actually feel your stress being washed away as the new day dawns upon your horizon, ready to take on challenges!

August 6, 2012

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