3 Common Shower Enclosure Problems and Ways to Repair Them

March 2nd, 2022

Getting a glass shower enclosure installed is essential for many homeowners. Besides being a stylish space, it makes your bathroom highly functional, thereby creating an exclusive bathing area while enhancing your property values.

Of course, like any other fixture, your shower enclosure needs to be repaired on occasion.

Academy Glass is Toronto’s top glass and shower enclosures company. We can handle your maintenance, repair, and installation needs as well as advanced glass cutting solutions. We have an excellent team for emergency services who will visit your home immediately after you hire us.

In this post, we examine common shower enclosure issues and the best ways to repair them.

Most-Common Shower Enclosure Issues (And How To Fix Them)

Whether your shower enclosure is framed, frameless, or semi-framed, repairing it is never easy. Here are the three common types of shower enclosure problems and our recommendations on how to fix them.

1. Doors that Can’t Be Closed

One of the most common problems with glass enclosures is when the door won’t shut properly. This makes your enclosure of no use. This may happen because of loose or worn-out screws, latches, or hinges. Here are some solutions to deal with this problem:

  • ● Tighten the Screws

The first step is to examine the condition of the screws attached to the door. If some are loose, tighten them using a screwdriver. If they do not tighten, then you have to remove them and use a longer screwdriver in the frame that is attached to the wall. If that also fails to work, then you have to remove the frame, drill new holes in the wall, and re-attach the frame.

  • ● Clean the Hinges

Scrub these hinges with an old toothbrush dipped into a solution of vinegar and water. This will both clean and brighten them and your doors will hopefully close properly.

2. Enclosures that Leak Water

Leaks from your shower enclosure may not cause a lot of water accumulation on your bathroom floor. But, if this continues for a long time, it may eventually cause damage. This can include discolouration, scum build-up, black mould, and even rotten subflooring or drywall. How this leakage will be repaired depends on where exactly it originates and what kind of shower enclosure you have.

  • ● Leakage On the Wall

The first step is to remove old caulk and use fresh caulking in the inner edges of the shower frame. Make sure that the holes of the drain are not clogged with caulk. Be sure to match the colour of the caulk to either the kind being replaced or the bathroom’s finishes.

  • ● Leakage Under the Door

For a framed shower enclosure, if the leak originates near the bottom, it is mostly caused due to clogged drain holes. So, locate these holes and clean them using a tiny drain brush.

If you have a frameless enclosure, examine the sweep running along its bottom. If necessary, adjust it properly. If the sweep is damaged or missing, then you have to replace it.

3. Rollers that Go Off the Track

A sliding glass door usually moves on rollers aligned on the track. And if they are off the track then the door won’t open or close. This problem occurs because the screws holding these rollers at the bottom are missing or loose. Simply tighten these screws, or, if needed, replace the rollers to keep them on track.

If the rollers are worn out, they should be replaced immediately. First, remove the door. Then, unscrew the old rollers and screw the new ones into place. It is vital that the door properly fits in the lower and upper track. Make sure that the door never falls or pops out of its track.

These common shower enclosure issues may be both prevented and repaired. If the problem becomes severe and seems difficult to handle then it is best to hire the professionals at Academy Glass. We have the necessary tools and materials to repair the problem right away. Which of these problems are you facing? Or, are you looking for the best glass shower enclosure installation? If you wish to learn more about shower enclosure repair, maintenance, or installation, consult the experts of Academy Glass. We’ll be eager to assist you!