Showers In Style: A Lowdown On Different Types Of Shower Glass

September 4, 2014

Showers In Style

Many people come to us asking for advice on shower glass and shower stall installations. Our experience of 40 years in the glass shower industry tells us that most people, who are upgrading their shower screens to shower stalls and shower doors, are clueless in the beginning as to which one would fit their lifestyle perfectly. Did you know that people choose shower glass doors according to their own characteristics, and that each bathroom is a true reflection of the person that you are? Yes the cost is always an issue, but if you can work out the finances with a glass shower installer, you’d have the shower of your dreams without having to spend all your money.

Choosing the right shower door

If you are wondering where to begin and which shower glass to choose, you should start with asking a few questions to yourself. Everyone has different needs and desires, and the main aspect that should guide your choice is how much privacy you are expecting out of your shower glass. People who live with their families generally opt for frosted glass, since this kind of shower door provides the maximum privacy.

Traditional family homes almost always have clear glass installed in their bathrooms. On the other hand, people who are moving into a new home prefer to opt for more contemporary types of glass. While these are not the rules by which the choice of shower door glass is guided, these are broadly the trends that we come across in our daily dealings.

There are many types of glass that you could choose, from and to get you started we have listed the types that are categorized broadly. Each category again has different designs, colors and opacity, and a well stocked supplier should be able to provide you details on the products available and also help you choose the perfect shower door for you.


Tinted glass doors are made of transparent glass and come in colors of various shades. Because of the tint, this type of glass allows light to be transmitted through it, albeit less. The darker the tint of the glass, the less light is transmitted through it. The tinted glass comes in shades of blue, aquamarine, bronze, gray and even black. The shade of the tint will again depend on what degree of privacy you want. A good supplier should be able to get you customized shower doors installed in your bathroom.


The biggest advantage of a low iron glass shower door is that it makes your shower look bigger. Because of a clear look, the low iron glass transmits more light, and if a shower space is small, it still makes it look bigger, if the bathroom is well lit. Ask your shower glass installer for idea on how to do up the rest of your bathroom decor to extract the full benefits out of your low iron glass.


Frosted shower glass is a broad term used to describe shower glass that has been manufactured by acid etching that imparts a smooth artful look. Because it is sandblasted, it allows light transmission only partially, thereby providing a certain amount of privacy to the bather. It comes in various designs like:

  • Acid etched
  • Rain drop
  • Pinhead
  • Frosted glass backsplash

And othertypes


This type of glass again provides quite a bit of privacy and has a lovely texture. It looks beautiful from outside the shower with a hammered indented look on the glass body, and looks translucent from inside the shower.


Clear glass is the staple for any traditionally modelled bathroom. Most family homes that have seen generations of children have clear glass installed in their showers. Because of its conventional and original look, clear glass is the most preferred in many homes. Clients, who do not want to experiment with their bathroom decor, generally opt for clear glass shower doors. These allow light transmission and are made of a thick glass texture, thereby imparting durability and strength to it.

The choice of your shower glass door depends completely upon the decor of your bathroom, and the theme that you want reflected. It mostly is a blend of personal style, functionality, aesthetics and of course the finances. Ask your shower glass provider for a free consultation on the right kind of glass door for your bathroom. Walk into our showroom in Markham for a wide range of frameless glass shower doors in different designs that suit different styles and needs.

September 4, 2014

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