Signs to Repair or Replace Your Sliding Glass Door in Toronto

April 19th, 2022

Sliding glass doors are stylish and practical additions to any home. Their many advantages include increasing the flow of natural light and air into your home and facilitating traffic flow.

However, while some visible signs of damage to this kind of door can be repaired, others require complete replacement of the door.

In this post, Toronto’s top glass door repair and replacement company looks at a few common signs that indicate when immediate fixing of your glass door is necessary.

Let’s get started.

Visible Signs to Repair or Replace a Sliding Glass Door in Toronto

Have you noticed damage to your sliding glass door? Find out how to figure out if it needs to be repaired or replaced.

It Becomes Stuck: Your sliding glass door should open quickly and smoothly. If it takes more effort than usual to open it or if it becomes stuck completely, this is a sure sign that it requires attention.

These kind of doors may get stuck due to several reasons, including issues with their track, poor installation, and warping due to exposure to direct sunlight. Depending on the kind of problem, we recommend repairing it or to go for a complete replacement.

It Makes Noise: When a sliding glass door emits a very loud noise when closing or opening, this indicates an obstruction in the track. This is often caused when a misplaced object is caught in it, or grime or grit gathers in it. This makes it vital to clean the door regularly. If the noise continues, it may be a mechanical problem and you should think about replacement.

Glass Panes Are Accumulating Moisture: If the door appears in good condition but moisture is trapped in the glass panes, don’t neglect this sign. It may indicate that moisture buildup has damaged the door’s seal. If this is the case then the door is no longer insulated which may also cause the glass to fog. When identifying this issue, it is advisable that you fix it immediately before any severe, non-repairable damage occurs.

Hot and Cold Drafts Appear: If you feel cold or hot air entering your home during winter and summer days, respectively, there may be a hole between the glass pane and door frame. This gap may be created over the years when either contract or expand at diverse rates. It is best to hire one of Toronto’s glass repair services (like Academy Glass) to fix it quickly.

If the problem persists, the temperature will remain uncomfortable which may also lead to higher cooling or heating costs. A highly functional glass door is a great option for conserving energy and reducing energy bills.

The Door Is Not Aligned Properly: You may find that your sliding glass door does not align properly on its track. If this becomes a persistent issue then it indicates that it is permanently misaligned, which will require hiring a glass door repair company.

The Frame Is Broken or Scratched: Over the years, the glass in the door may become scratched or foggy which reduces transparency. So, if you see any scratch, you should have it fixed immediately. Otherwise, a minor scratch can turn into a bigger one which costs more to repair or replace.

You Notice Cosmetic Damage or Deterioration: You want your sliding door to remain attractive and complement your exteriors. But chipped paint can accumulate over time. Although this paint damage will not cause any harm initially, it can impact your property value later as a worn glass door is a mismatch to a high-end home. Refinishing or repainting your door may help resolve this matter.

The Rollers Seem to be Broken: Rollers allow these doors to slide properly. But if your door is stuck or makes a cracking sound whenever it rolls, it may be that the rollers are not working effectively. Perhaps they have been worn down by friction or something is stuck between them, thereby not allowing them to move easily.

These are the common signs that your sliding glass door requires repair or replacement immediately in Toronto. If you are struggling to find a reliable company for glass door repair, then contact Academy Glass. Read our reviews to learn more about the kinds of services we provide to our customers.