5 Sure-Fire Signs You Need a Shower Door Replacement

June 6, 2019

Your bathroom is the place that takes you away from the chaos of the world. It’s where you get the pleasure of taking a shower at the end of a hectic day and unwind enjoying complete peace and privacy. But what if the shower door looks hazy and the stains refuse to go away? What if the glass develops a crack? You can either keep scrubbing at those stains and cracks, or get a brand-new door instead. This blog post lists 5 signs that indicate you need to replace your glass shower door. These signs will tell you when you should contact a professional glass repair company and install a new fixture.

damaged glass shower door

5 Signs You Need a New Glass Shower Door

  1. Chips or Cracks in the Door

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in your house. This creates a lot of wear and tear on the shower door, which can cause dangerous physical damage like cracks, chips and breakage. Even the smallest flaw can make the door unstable. Damaged glass panels can easily fall out of its frame and shatter. So, if you notice cracks and chips on your shower door, consider consulting a glass repair professional that provides shower glass replacement. There are several glass replacement services out there, but always beware of fraud.

  1. Water Pooling Outside the Shower

One of the major reasons behind installing a shower door is to retain water inside the shower. If you notice a pool of water on your bathroom floor after using the shower, it’s a red flag that you need a new glass shower door. Excess water not only causes drainage issues, but also damages your floors and poses serious slip hazards. This could be dangerous for children, pregnant women and aged members of the family.

Excess water is usually the result of a poorly fitted shower door. Firstly, the door may be too small or too big for the enclosure, which means that it’s a bad fit. With long-term repeated use, the doors lose their original fittings and don’t close/open completely. As a result, water flows from the shower and accumulates on the floor. Secondly, there might be cracks or other damage on the shower door, which causes water to leak out.

To avoid unnecessary accumulation of water on your bathroom floor, ask a reliable glass technician to check your glass door. You’ll likely be recommended a shower door replacement to stop this issue from recurring.

  1. Stains and Discolouration

A shower door needs regular cleaning, but even with proper maintenance, there are some marks and stains that cannot be scrubbed away. There are several reasons behind the occurrence of these stubborn stains.

With constant exposure to water, fungus can grow on your shower doors. The fungus spores will then combine with soap scum to cause permanent marks and discolouration of the glass. Over time, the door looks hazy and dirty, no matter how hard you try to remove them. Hard water and heavy minerals can also cause permanent stains. These appear as water marks on your shower door that are difficult to erase. The only way to get rid of these ugly stains is to replace your glass shower door.

  1. Rust or Damage on the Framing

Your shower door doesn’t consist of glass alone. It also includes frames, hinges and tracks. These parts are often made of metal and can easily rust with constant exposure to moisture.

If rust builds up on these metal parts and keeps expanding, the metal could wear out and weaken. If left untreated, this can loosen the entire framing and it can’t further support the weight of the glass structure. Soon, the door will break from its frame and lie scattered on the floor.

To prevent such accidents, keep an eye on the door’s framing and hinges. Any brown patch or streak along these metal parts is a clear signal that you should consult a glass professional and schedule an immediate glass replacement.

  1. You Have Non-Tempered Glass

According to construction regulations, you must use tempered glass for your bathroom fixtures. Having non-tempered glass shower doors is dangerous, and could put you and your family at risk of fatal injury. If you have non-tempered glass door in your bathroom, consider get it replaced with a tempered variety for optimum safety.

Like any other component of your home, your shower door too needs replacement. No matter how expensive, you have to change them at some point of time. If you wait too long, it may create serious hazards for your environment, family members and guests. Take note of the above-mentioned warning signs and replace your shower doors in time. There are many professionals who provide glass replacement and glass door repair. However, not all of them are reliable or follow best practices. Check the feedback from customers and choose a service provider that’s right for you.

June 6, 2019

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