Sliding Glass Door Repair in Your Toronto Home: Find Out What to Do

October 6th, 2022

After years of use, you may see that your sliding glass door is not working properly or looking as good as it used to. Whether there is debris built up along the track or the glass is cracked, a damaged sliding glass door is risky.

There are many steps to follow when it comes to sliding glass door repair in Toronto and each must be done accurately. That’s why we suggest hiring a professional glass company such as ours in order to have it completed quickly and well.

But if you want to do it on your own, follow these important tips.

How to Fix a Sliding Door in Your Toronto-Area Home

Here are a few essential tips you should follow to repair a sliding glass door in Toronto.

1. Tune Up the Heavy Sliding Door and Adjust the Rollers

In order to start fixing the door, first lower or lift it off the track using a screwdriver or Allen key. Lift the door enough to clear the track. Then find the two adjusting screws near the door’s bottom and pry off the trim caps that cover them.

When one side is lowered, lift it until the door appears even or smooth on its track. If the sliding door still sticks, turn both screws a little bit to raise the entire door. The next step is to slide this door on the vertical sides of the door and ensure that the whole gap becomes even.

2. Take Away Stop Moulding

Remove the screws that hold the stop moulding. (When you close a properly-built door, there is a strip of wood or other material that stops it from swinging through the frame. These strips are called ‘stop moulding’.) The next step is to cut the varnish or paint line on the room side of this moulding so that it may be moved to the side properly.

If the door still does not glide properly, you need to remove it and check the rollers. Take precautions not to get hurt as the door is very heavy. Then unscrew the stop moulding inside the door jamb. Remember to hold the door in place once the stop moulding is removed. Otherwise, the whole door will fall and get damaged.

3. Remove the Sliding Door

Hold the sliding door by its edges and tip it nearly one foot inside the room. Lift the door up and out of its track slowly. Then tilt it back and set it on sawhorses. Check the roller to see if there is any issue.

4. Repair the Rollers

sliding door Rollers repair

If the sliding door rollers are full of debris or dust, clean them using lithium or silicone-based grease lubricant and then check if they glide easily. If the rollers are cracked or worn out, replace them immediately.

5. Fix the Screen Door

A screened sliding door is often used in conjunction with sliding glass doors. If the screen is wrinkled or sagging, remove the screen and lay the doorframe on a flat surface and slip a 1×4 block under each end of the door frame. (This means using a block with ¾-inch thickness by 3 ½ inches width under each end.)

Then attach a new screen to the doorframe’s one end using a rubber spline. (This is a flexible rubber strip used in drawing curved lines.) Then move the screen to the other end and pull it properly to make it flat. Do not pull it overly tight or fasten it.

The next step is to release the clamps. The doorframe will pull the screen tight, and then the screen is straightened. Secure the sides of the screen door to the frame.

Follow these tips to do a sliding glass door repair in your Toronto-area home. But remember that a damaged sliding glass door can be very unsafe. Therefore, it is recommended that you hire experts to deal with it, especially when you do not have experience. To replace or repair a glass door, call Academy Glass. Our professionals will do it efficiently and affordably. Book your appointment today.