Sliding Glass Shower Door: 4 Common Problems and Their Solutions

July 4th, 2017

Sliding Glass Shower Door

If you have a sliding glass shower door in your bathroom, then eventually you’ll need to get it repaired. Some problems can be fixed easily as a DIY project while others need professional attention.

To help you solve some the common problems associated with sliding glass shower doors, we have compiled this list.

1) Offline Rollers

A sliding glass door moves on rollers that are aligned on a track. If the rollers go off-track, then the door will be impossible to open and close. The reason this problem occurs is because the bottom screws holding the rollers became lose or went missing. Simply replace the screws or tighten them to keep the rollers on track.

2) Door Gets Stuck

A common reason why the sliding glass door gets stuck is an obstruction in the roller wheels. Sometimes, the rollers get too dirty to move smoothly. Things like soap foam, sticks, dirt, etc. get accumulated on the rollers and obstruct the path. To clean the rollers, attach the thin crevice tool to your vacuum cleaner and suction out all the debris. Scrub away the remaining dirt with a wet paper towel.

3) Bent Track

Bent tracks, inward or outward, prevent the sliding door from moving. An outward bend can be repaired by using a hammer or rubber mallet and a pair of pliers. Put something on the bend to hit that point and push the track down into its place. An inward bend can be repaired by using vise grips and a pair of pliers. Simply pull the track back into its place by using tools. Be careful with the door while repairing the track.

4) Broken Rollers

Broken, cracked or bent rollers are no longer usable. To replace a broken roller with a new one, remove your sliding glass shower door. Now, unscrew the roller and take it out. Put the new rollers in its place and tighten up the screw. After the rollers are back on track, re-mount the sliding door and adjust the height accordingly.

These common sliding glass shower door problems can be easily fixed by a homeowner. But, some serious issues should be left to the glass shower door professionals. If you need to fix your sliding glass shower door, then contact Academy Glass & Mirror Products.