12 Types of Glass to Use for Storefront Windows

August 3rd, 2019

Glass is widely used by business owners to add visual appeal to their storefronts. A high-quality glass storefront window creates a positive first impression of your business and attracts customers. To get the best look, you need to choose the right type of commercial glass. Do you know the kinds you can use? This blog discusses different commercial glasses available in the market which are ideal for use in storefront windows.

Types of Glass for Storefront

Commercial Glass Types to Choose for Your Storefront Window

  1. Clear glass: If you want to grab the attention of passers-by, clear glass is a great choice. It lets you display your products to potential customers and creates a vibrant, enticing environment. If you run a retail store or perhaps an ice-cream parlour, use clear glass storefronts to showcase your products and make them visible to customers.
  2. Frosted or tinted glass: Do you like to maintain privacy inside your store? Then choose frosted or tinted glass. This type allows natural light to enter but gives customers inside a good amount of privacy. If you have a spa or dental office, think about using frosted or tinted glass in front. Feel free to experiment with designing or etching for a unique storefront window look.
  3. Tempered glass: To make your store safer, use tempered glass, as it is designed to not break easily. A thermal tempering process makes it stronger than other types of glass, to the point where it can withstand minor explosions and heavy winds. As it is transparent, it is perfect for store windows, doors and display cases. Crushed pieces of tempered glass have smooth and rounded corners, reducing the chance of workers and customers in your office getting injured should it break.
  4. Security glass: This robust type of glass provides more protection than others. Protect your workers from bullets, blasts, and burglary by installing security glass windows, doors and walls. There are several kinds of security glass available, allowing you to select the level of protection you want for your store.
  5. Laminated glass: Laminated glass, primarily had been used to resist acts of vandalism. Nowadays it is also used in storefronts, windows and curtain walls to protect buildings from storms. It also protects your store interiors from the harmful effect of UV rays, and consequently helps to slow down the fading of flooring, carpets and furnishings. Laminated glass can increase the sound insulation rating on doors and windows and upgrades sound attenuation more than unlimited glass panels of a similar thickness.
  6. Insulated glass: If your store is located in a colder climate, use insulated glass in storefront windows to lower heat loss and decrease utility bills.
  7. Coated and tinted glass: Use coated and tinted glass on doors and windows to keep your store cooler. These glass options reduce your utility bills as you rely less on air-conditioning. They keep your store cooler in summer and warmer in winter.
  8. Flat glass: This is a good option for store windows, doors and walls. Business owners in Toronto and other parts of Canada can use flat glass in sheet, float and rolled forms for their storefronts. If you are fond of double-glazed windows, use flat glass, although it can be unsafe as it breaks into big pieces with ragged edges.
  9. Wired glass: This form of sheet glass uses a mesh of thin metal wire within the glass and is fire and heat resistant. You can find a variety of wired glass products suited for areas that demand extra safety, such as sidelights and doors.
  10. Plexiglass: For additional safety in your store, use plexiglass. Besides storefronts, plexiglass is ideal for aquariums, skylights, window panels, displays, signs, and security barriers. Protective UV coatings and colour tints boost its functionality and appearance, and plexiglass rarely cracks.
  11. Spandrel glass: Spandrel glass is perfect for decorating your storefront. You can also use it to cover up a portion of your commercial building structure. It is available in a wide range of colours and can be used for large-scale projects such as wiring, floors, plumbing, columns and HVAC systems. You can also customize spandrel glass in colours suited to your store interior.
  12. Soda lime glass: As soda lime glass has no colour, it is used by many business owners for storefront windows. It is made of sodium and calcium which lets in a lot of light to your building. This type of glass is also highly durable and chemical resistant.

Using glass in your storefront windows can do wonders for your business. To choose the right type, make sure you know what you want and need. Hopefully, the advice above will help you decide what kind of glass will work best for your store. A reputable glass product provider can help you find the kind of custom glass you are looking for to decorate your storefront.