Stylish Glass Shower Enclosures to Spruce up Your Bathroom

August 7, 2017

A shower is the focal point of a bathroom. It defines your style and adds character to your bathroom space. Generally, homeowners don’t pay attention to the design of their shower enclosures. But, it holds an important place in changing the overall appearance of your bathroom.

Plenty of attractive and functional glass shower enclosures are in the market. Here are 5 chic glass shower enclosures to consider for a bathroom makeover.

1) Bypass or Sliding Enclosure

Bypass or Sliding Enclosure

The sliding shower enclosure is ideal for small bathrooms. Consider this enclosure when you don’t have enough space for a swinging glass door, but don’t want to compromise on style. In this design, the glass door slides on tracks with the help of two or three panels instead of swinging out into the rest of the bathroom. This space-saving option works well with corner, stand-alone showers.

2) Pivot Enclosure

pivot shower enclosure

A pivot shower enclosure is a modified version of traditional hinged or swing-open enclosures. This option is good for bathrooms that have ample space. It is attached with a pivot hinge that allows the door to open in both the directions. You can install this enclosure either at one side or at the centre to create a unique look.

3) Frameless Glass Shower Enclosure

frameless glass shower enclosures

The frameless glass shower enclosure is a popular option that accentuates your bathroom. This enclosure is sleek, modern, attractive and easy to clean. Ideal for complementing a small bathroom with contemporary décor, a frameless shower enclosure has a simplistic design and makes the shower area appear more spacious.

4) Glass Block Enclosure

glass block enclosures

A glass block enclosure creates a door-less shower area that gives a neat and clean look. In this design, the glass blocks are assembled together just like LEGO blocks to create a walk-in space without a door. The glass blocks have textured patterns that conceal water marks and other minor stains.

5) Textured Glass Enclosure

textured glass shower enclosures

Give a decorative look to your bathroom with a textured glass shower enclosure. It provides both privacy and a distinctive appearance without using frosted glass. The best texture is rain glass where one side of the glass is patterned as if streaks of rain are pouring down the glass, while the other side is left smooth for easy cleaning. The textured surface provides vision control and covers water stains.

There are many options available when it comes to glass shower enclosures. They add character and spruce up your bathroom space. Be it a traditional swing-open enclosure or a modern frameless one; choose the one that suits your style.

August 7, 2017

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