Tempered & Solar Film Coated Glass and Their Utilities

October 4th, 2016



Glass can be brilliantly utilized to upgrade any residential and commercial space. There is no limitation regarding application of glass. From coffee tables to shower enclosures; from windows to storefronts; glass is used extensively. Glass panels are hardened by annealing and tempered processes, which ensures their intact usage for many years.

Glass in Windows

1. Proper insulation: To insulate your home appropriately, windows are installed with dual glass panes. Such ameliorated variety of window is known as thermo-pane. Each thermal window has two or three glass panes separated from each other with some space. The gap is maintained with a spacer bar which is broadly metallic and either left vacant or filled with some gas, to check the transfer of heat.

2. Different look of windows: Once the glass installing professional measures the area where the thermal glass window is to be installed, you can choose the thickness of the glass panes. With the occurrence of glass cutting technology, it is possible to shape the thermal window the way you desire.

3. Scope of faultless glass repairing: On prolonged usage you may witness that the window appears foggy. This signals towards damaged seal and requires to be attended immediately. Glass repairing professionals are available any time throughout the day, not only for ordinary mending or replacement purposes but also for emergency glass breakage issues.

4. Use of solar films: Any thermos-pane window can be further reinforced with a solar control film. An ordinary insulating glass cannot ideally block solar energy. Thus, your home remains exposed to hazards of solar heat and ultraviolet radiations. A solar controlled film affixed on the interior of a window glass pane, resists entry of unnecessary heat and UV rays; also preventing internal heat from escaping outside.

Protective Coating on Glass

Unguarded glass over a period of usage will become susceptible to deposition of scratches, and stains from water or other liquids. Only glass panels bettered with two-stepped hydrophobic coating of nanotechnology will remain less affected to easy degradation.

The Diversified Usefulness

  • Protective coating is non-sticky in nature, for which soap, oil and hair will not get adhered to it.
  • The gleaming coating makes the glass reflect light; this in turn makes the room radiant.
  • The added shield layer is tough against both abrasion and stains. You can simply sweep away the dirt without the need of buying expensive strong cleaners.
  • Bacteria and moulds cannot grow easily on such coated surfaces. Coated glass is thus harmless for people with sensitivities.

This defending layer can be made functional on windows, doors and shower enclosures. If the thought of clear glass interfering with your privacy makes you insecure, opt for customized tinted or translucent glass. You can also go for exquisite window treatments for extra privacy and light control.