The Art and Soul of Glass with Window Glass Replacement in Toronto

September 20, 2012

With our reasonably priced and absolutely prompt window glass replacement services for all property owners in Toronto, “everything glass” is what we do! Introducing Academy Glass.

As one of the premier glass companies, we deal in a slew of products that have to do with glass, mirror, shower enclosures and more. In fact, we are well known in the market for installing, repairing and replacing: all with a smile. It is no wonder then, that we have a perpetual eye on everything to do with styling your home, office, restaurant and more. In fact, you can take heart in the fact that we derive inspiration from the architectural wonders of the modern world, rendered in glass and mirror.

As a matter of fact, all this month we are covering some such “monuments” in great detail so that we may give you a peek in what inspires us and what all we are capable of! This post’s structure is The Reichstag Dome in Berlin, Germany. Built in 1999, this dome sits atop the Reichstag, conveniently placed to give people inside and around it, a 360 degree view of the beautiful and famed city of Berlin.  It is a modern looking structure that has gained fame for its simple yet comfortable looking shape. The dome is covered in clear glass entirely, and on any given day you can take a peek in the goings on within. This structure incidentally shares space with many old and heritage buildings in Reichstag. This probably explains the softness in its design, which could have quickly been overtaken by an ultra-modern and ultra-sharp glass look.

The beauty of this structure lies in its simplicity. It is simply a matter of rings of glass being placed atop similar rings of glass to be finally shut closed like a clear and transparent igloo. The glass tiles have been placed in a chrome and steel frame for a clean and functional look, while the clear glass gives it a through and through feel of great expanse. It may look unusual to many who regard the old buildings around it, but diversity is a way of life in the once war torn city.

Here at the Academy Glass, we celebrate this structure and hail it as one of the very best.

September 20, 2012

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