The Glass Effect: Shining With Academy

November 5, 2012

Nature’s goodness and statements come best reflected in pools of light unadulterated by anything else. This would be the best way to describe what we offer you here at Academy Glass, by way of our range of wall mirrors need not look back again!

The wall mirrors range at our showroom will make you rethink reflections and look at the world in a whole new light. Here’s our top reasons, put together with a dedicated team of research experts, as to why mirrors are the foremost design and decor element for the interior of a property:

  • Transparency: with mirrors, one can make statements that really talk back. It is all about reflecting the true nature of things as it is. The best bit about a mirror is that it never lies. It tells the story of you, your home or any other space, as it is and makes a statement of sorts in doing so!
  • Space: mirrors have been well known for giving the illusion of space. There is so much that a mirror can do to enhance the spatial quality of a room. To be able to make full use of your space is one aspect of design; and to be able to use whatever little space you may have to create the illusion of a large space, is another interesting aspect of décor and design. With bathroom mirrors, for example, you can make you bathroom look wider, depending on the angle at which the mirror has been placed.
  • Luminosity: With the use of the best possible products and raw material, our mirrors have a sheen that is hard to come by even with the best possible polish. Such high quality mirrors, whether placed in the bathroom, or on the wall, have a quality to spread light in a room and render a glow to the surroundings.
  • Elegance: classy good looks and elegance will never be in short supply in a space that has been done up with mirrors. This element is a designer favorite that can brighten and light up any space on the basis of high quality looks and performance.

So ask us for the best wall and bathroom mirrors today!

November 5, 2012

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