The one Stop Shop for Everything Glass in Toronto

November 7, 2012

Academy Glass truly is your one stop shop for everything to do with Glass and mirror in Toronto. With a range of products that touch the various aspects of your life and business, we like to believe that we are your lifestyle partners rather than a mere company.

Our brand philosophy hinges on the fact that we see ourselves as a part and parcel of people’s lifestyles and the statements that they want to make in creating and carving out a life for themselves, their family and their work. As one of the best glass companies, we have a string research and development function. What does this mean? This simply means that we thrive on the premise that we need to find solutions that will help you fit us into some or the other corner of your life every single day.

With solutions like expert glass cutting and glass table tops rendering, we ensure that the beauty of the glass table top takes on a different dimension altogether. Further, with other services like window glass replacement, installation and maintenance, we have taken Academy Glass to a whole new level. Also, our mirrors and shower enclosures and frameless shower doors speak volumes of our adherence to quality and looks, with a fitting balance between the two.

As a one stop shop for everything to do with glass, we ensure that quality is the first thing on our minds. We also have the added advantage of experts who carry our installation for you. So, basically the combination of products and services is a win win situation for everyone concerned.

As a premier glass company, Academy Glass also works with a string conscience in place. We ensure that we do not turn away anyone who comes to us seeking help. And we offer this help at affordable prices so that properties are well maintained and look good always. Accuracy is another one of our primary features and we attach a great deal of importance to the “no error” policy so that as a customer, you do not suffer a waste of time and resources due to a mistake on our part.

November 7, 2012

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