The Writing on The Wall: Now in Eye Catching Styles

January 28th, 2013

Mirrors have been a foremost designer and decor element for centuries now. Ever since its discovery, mirror as an element has enjoyed pride of place in homes. This is due to its beauty, functionality and the fact that it is a versatile element that fits most decor schemes. Accordingly, we present our take on wall mirrors.

For us, wall mirrors in Toronto or anywhere else in the world are not pieces meant for functional use: they actually depict an elegant choice. The choice of using a wall mirror in your formal areas like the living room or the dining room is one that goes a long way in its timelessness. Yet, this can also be used for a contemporary and ultra-modern setting. In design or decor terms, the use of a wall mirror is a good choice in the sense that it reflects the space that it is put in, if placed well, and goes on to create the illusion of limitlessness and luxury even if the space is a small one. And in a large space, it does wonders in any case!

The placement of a wall mirror in a beautiful cut and a trendy frame can lift a space by leaps and bounds. We imagine a hexagonal mirror in a dark wooden frame, exuding Oriental charm in the foyer and giving the illusion of mystic and magic all at the same time. This foyer can be in white marble or even a neutral wooden tone can be used for the flooring. Yet, the placement of the mirror will matter the most in doing the space up with an elegant touch.

For a more homely touch, an antiquated or carved wooden frame for a rectangular wall mirror will do the trick. The versatility of this option is absolutely limitless. Apart from wall mirrors, our expertise and insight also extends to bathroom mirrors.

Placed in one of the most important rooms in the home, the bathroom mirrors play an important role, not only in the layout and placement of resources in your bathroom, but also in the mood that it creates. So go the Academy Glass way today, and do it right!