Tips to Replace Double Pane Window Glass

April 22nd, 2022

Many homeowners use double pane glass windows because of their energy efficiency. As the name suggests, they have a layer of argon or krypton gas between the panes. Together, they provide excellent insulation. Plus, these windows help muffle outside noise and create a comfortable ambience.

But glass can break. And when your window is broken or damaged, you need to fix it immediately.

Hiring a trusted glass company in Toronto like Academy Glass is your best bet. But if you are keen to fix this double pane window glass on your own, follow these expert tips.

Let’s get started.

Double Pane Window Glass Replacement (Guide by a Toronto Glass Company)

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to replace a double pane window glass:

First, remove the existing double pane window glass from its frame properly and keep it in a safe place. Then remove the double-sided sticking tape from the frame as much as possible.

The next step is to clean the rest of the sticking tape from the window frame using a plastic scraper. Once the tape is removed, wipe the whole surface. Make sure to clean dust or dirt particles until the window is clean.

Then apply double-sided sticking tape on the clean surface. Work fast and carefully. Make sure the tape covers the whole window pane including the corners.

Now, pull the cover off the sticky tape’s top side. Use a glass cleaner on the window’s edges to ensure that the glass will never stick.

Then take the new double pane window glass and put it on your existing window pane.

Adjust and center this new glass to where you want to place it. Then slide it in back and forth until it is in the correct position. When the glass cleaner evaporates, the double pane window glass will adhere to the sticking tape.

Next, use snaps to secure your window in the right place inside the channels of the frame. While some snaps have square-shaped edges, others have highly-angled edges that may tuck inside the window glass at the back.

Finally, push slowly until your window snaps into place.

Tips for Fixing a Broken Double Pane Window Glass

You can save money by replacing the damaged glass instead of purchasing a new insulated window and/or frame. If you wish to repair damaged insulated window glass, follow these steps:

Remove the broken double pane window from its frame. Make sure you have a tiny putty knife or razor to cut the existing sticking tape from the window.

Detach this damaged glass pane from your window. Be very careful to not hurt yourself and keep the window glass from crashing further.

Clean dust or dirt from the frame. Use new sealing tape on the edges of the frame.

Keep the new glass on the other window glass pane and then let it stick properly.

Finally, seal the gaps using premium silicone caulking and you have fixed the double pane window.

Is It Possible to Replace a Single Pane of a Double Pane Window?

Damage to one or both glass panes is a big issue. In fact, the outer pane may crack or get scratched thanks to bad weather. But it may not be safe or easy to replace or repair a single pane. The damaged glass may shatter further and injure the person handling the glass. These glass panes also are fixed to the window’s sash. (The sash is a part of the window that moves as well as holds together all the panes.)

Loosening the window sash to replace the single broken pane can weaken the sealing. This risks a loss of insulation which reduces energy efficiency.

Another important thing to consider about double pane windows is that repairs of any kind are not possible when one pane becomes porous. If anything happens and glass is cracked or broken, then the argon or krypton gas also escapes. Then it is not possible to pull this glass apart or replace this gas.

When you want to replace or repair a double pane window, hiring a professional is your best option if you don’t have the needed experience. Leading Toronto glass company Academy Glass will help to fix or replace your double pane window glass. With emergency service available around the clock, our expert technicians will respond to your needs immediately. Call us to learn more about our products or services.