Top 4 Reasons to Invest in a Glass Table Top

April 25, 2018

If you want an attractive addition to your living or dining room, then consider getting a table with a glass top. Easy to clean and simple in appearance, a glass table top is worth the buy for many reasons. It can increase the aesthetic appeal of a room, especially if you have a wooden carved dining table. Just fix the glass top over the wooden table to protect it without affecting its beauty.

glass table top

However, that’s not all; a glass table top has many other benefits, some of which we cover below.

Adds style to a room

Glass products are classy but, a glass table top is a class apart addition to your living or dining room. Stylish, chic and sophisticated, they are available in different custom-made edges. Pencil polish, flat polish, bevel and seamed are some of the unique cut edges that make them able to match any decor. Out of the available options, bevel is the most preferred because of its perfectly cut edges.

Protects wooden furniture

Wooden furniture is delicate. You have to be very particular in using any wooden items as they are susceptible to scratches and dents. If you spill water on them, then its polish may fade. A glass table top can act as a protective overlay.

Is easy to maintain

The best attribute of a glass table top is that it’s easy to clean and maintain. All you need is a dry cloth and a glass cleaner or spray bottle with water to clean it.

Saves replacement costs

Replacing wooden furniture pieces is costlier than replacing a glass table top. This means that when used as a protective layer for other furniture, a glass table top can save you replacement fees.

If this blog post has piqued your interest, then visit Academy Glass and place your order for a glass table top. You can customize it according to your preferences and have it complement just about any décor in your home.

April 25, 2018

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