Shower Enclosures in Toronto (Your 10 Most Popular Options)

October 29th, 2021

The shower enclosure in your Toronto home is one of the first things you notice when you step inside your bathroom. So, make sure that yours matches your style and also accentuates the space.

We’ve all seen (or lived in!) a home with an older shower framed in polished brass. But there are other options with which to surround your shower.

If you want to make your bathroom more convenient while also increasing its functionality and aesthetic value, just add an appropriate shower enclosure. Whether you pick a framed or frameless style (or no enclosure at all), select wisely.

At Academy Glass, we boast some of the best variations in style and size for your shower enclosure. Below are our 10 most recommended shower enclosures for your Toronto home.

Learn About Top Shower Enclosures Available in Toronto

Learn About Top Shower Enclosures Available in Toronto

In the past, shower enclosures would consist of a square box with a glass door. But with the variety of materials available today, it’s possible to design your shower enclosure to seamlessly match your bathroom. Take inspiration from the following 10 stylish ideas that will help you buy the best shower enclosure for your house.

1. Framed Enclosure 

These are a popular option because they are a low-cost solution to the age-old problem of how to keep water in the shower.

But just because the shower is framed doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish. Instead of polished brass, use a chrome finish for a look that can either be classic or modern. Adjustable panels at the top allow for venting in this fully enclosed shower and also give it flair.

Do you want something affordable as well as traditional? Use an oil-rubbed bronze frame and drain cover to match.

2. Frameless Glass Shower Enclosure 

Due to its flexibility, a frameless glass enclosure fits any style, whether it’s a sleek design that appeals to modern tastes or a classic, elegant look. It is also easy to clean and maintain by using a mix of baking soda and borax to remove soap scum from the glass. Overall, frameless glass is a great way to showcase your shower.

3. Glass Block Shower Enclosure 

For those who are not a fan of doors, using glass blocks to enclose your shower is a good idea. These blocks are convenient and match different interior designs because they come in various patterns, thicknesses, and colours. A frosted white glass block enclosure for instance will be a stunner.

4. Aluminum and Glass Shower Enclosure 

Created with glass panels set into an aluminum frame, this shower enclosure imitates the look of the shower tile. The dark metal mixed with the clear glass gives this enclosure an eclectic feel.

5. Sliding Enclosure 

Want the beauty of glass but don’t have enough space for a swinging door? Try a sliding glass one. This is a very practical space-saving option that is also stylish. These shower doors are easily customized to fit any style or space. They are also a great way to show off your shower and still have room for other bathroom fixtures.

Looking for a sliding glass door on a budget? Try a partially frameless sliding door as it will give you an airy look and is also budget-friendly.

6. Tempered Hinged Glass Enclosure 

You don’t have to be stuck with a shower curtain if you’ve got a tub. Tempered hinged glass can help keep water in while offering you a spacious look. Moreover, tempered frameless glass is highly durable, so even if you bump the panel against your toilet or vanity, it won’t damage the glass.

This tempered glass can be sandblasted to create a frosted appearance that looks good and provides privacy. Have a little fun with a combination of frosted and clear glass.

7. Textured Glass Enclosure 

If you want privacy without the frosted look, try textured glass. These beautiful textures are enhanced with water running down the glass to create a spa-like appeal.

Textured glass also gives a see-through effect while masking specific details and makes your bathroom look larger.

8. Dual Entrance Enclosure 

There’s no rule saying that showers should have only one entrance. Having two (one on each side) saves space because it eliminates the need for a door but also creates space and makes your bathroom look larger. These shower enclosures are perfect for tall and narrow bathrooms.

9. No Shower Enclosure 

Some bathroom layouts don’t need an enclosure at all. A consistent floor material makes your bathroom look expansive. The open shower concept, with just a tiled wall separating it from the vanity, gives the bathroom a beautiful, sophisticated look.

Are you worried about keeping the heat in? Add a heated shower floor or a heat lamp to the ceiling.

10. Tile and Glass Enclosure 

A frameless glass door combined with tiled walls gives this bathroom an open look. A tile surrounded with frameless glass windows not only makes the shower feel bigger on the inside, but also allows in plenty of light. Do you want something more daring? Don’t be afraid to mix materials. For instance, you can try out a darker tile with rippled glass.

Your bathtub is a central part of your bathroom and can make or break its design. Now that you know about the different types of shower enclosures that are available in Toronto, you can choose one that suits both your style and budget. If you have questions regarding shower enclosures or other relevant topics, book an appointment with our experts today. You may also read our reviews to learn more about our products and services.