6 Attractive Walk-In Shower Design Ideas That’ll Blow Your Mind

November 4, 2019

From honeymoon suites to boutique resorts, walk-in showers are class-apart additions that blend well with any décor type. The open design of this type of shower area makes it stand out. In fact, if you have a scarcity of space, a walk-in shower is all you need as it makes room for other décor elements without compromising on aesthetics. It also adds a chic touch and modern appeal to the space with little effort. If you are planning to add a walk-in shower to your bathroom, this post is for you. Let’s walk through six attractive design ideas to instantly give your bathroom a spa-like feel.

Mind-Blowing Walk-in Shower Design Ideas to Choose from

  1. Glass-enclosed shower

Do you want a seamless transition between your shower and the rest of the bathroom? Frameless shower doors, along with floor-to-ceiling glass panels, make this happen. The minimal décor of this kind of shower space blends with both modern and contemporary interiors. To complement this area, go for marble, tile or mosaic flooring. Just make sure you don’t go overboard with fixtures. Instead, stick to an oversized shower head to add an interesting style element. Adding one or two wall-mounted shelves to store your toiletries is a good idea.

  1. Light-filled shower

A bathroom window can make a lot of difference, regardless of its size, as it is a gateway to having natural light in your shower space. Imagine feeling the soothing sunlight when you bathe. Hence, design the shower area against the window when you are planning your bathroom. If it has a glass ceiling, create your walk-in shower there for a view above. Choose rustic or minimalist décor essentials to create a style statement. For instance, you can have a wooden shelf installed on one wall and keep a chic vase along with rolled towels and toiletries. The shower head can either be on the opposite side or at the centre, based on the room’s aesthetics.

  1. Shower and steam in one place

Do you want your own home spa? Try a glass shower enclosure with a steam generator. They are also suitable for bathtubs, provided you regulate the temperature. Include a small window when designing your bathroom, to be opened when showering. This allows air to circulate, preventing damage to your bathroom fixtures, including wooden vanities.

Pro Tip: If you choose this kind of walk-in shower design, complement the look and feel of your home spa with mosaic flooring.

  1. Small shower unit

Who said you can’t have a walk-in shower just because you have a small bathroom? It is possible with smart additions and planning. The first design element should be frameless shower doors. These can instantly open the space without much effort and ensure a seamless transition. Go for simple lines, neutral shades and tile or marble flooring to prevent cramping the space. Do not forget to attach large statement mirrors to enhance its aesthetic value.

  1. Nature-related

If you like to stay close to nature, it is wise to concentrate on natural elements like wood, bamboo and stone. All you need is to add wooden planks around your shower enclosure. You can also opt for bamboos fixed from floor to ceiling. The shower floor should be made of river stones to bring in a rustic effect. If you don’t have access to natural light, install spotlights to illuminate the space as wooden structures can darken your bathroom.

  1. Round shower

A modern and chic enclosed round shower can redefine the whole interior of your bathroom. It looks like a glass capsule and should preferably stand in the room’s centre. This requires a lot of space however. This walk-in shower features a circular frameless shower door and oversized shower head. You can also add a hand shower if need be. However, keep this space minimal to ensure a classic appearance.

And that’s how you can add a walk-in shower to your bathroom, based on your budget, preferences and space limitations. Showers filled with light or steam are good bets for larger bathrooms, but not for smaller ones. Choose one of the above-listed designs and implement it into your shower space to see the difference.

November 4, 2019

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