Wall Mirrors: Bringing Reflection in Home

December 18, 2012

Walls in properties all over Toronto have been going through a sea change of sorts thanks to the mirrors available at Academy Glass. The variety of textures, hues, finishes, and tints has taken the decor industry here by storm. The range of wall mirrors that come from the House of Academy Glass, will leave you spell bound.

wall mirror

The wall mirrors are one of the best features of our range here in Toronto. With our extensive range of wall mirrors, decor and beauty will never be too far away. But first let us look at the importance of doing up the walls.

The walls of your home or office, or any other kind of property, are the most important factors of that convey style and statement. This is because the walls hold everything in and give the illusion of an expanse. This expanse has to be treated well so as to put across the right feel, vibe and aesthetics within a space. How you do up your walls will tell how your space will evolve and what all it will evoke.

This theme continues throughout the home and your space including the kitchen, the living room, the bedrooms, the nursery and even the bathroom. The bathroom has always been a part of a special focus here at Academy Glass. The bathroom mirrors that we stock for our market come in a wide variety.

Our bathroom mirrors do not merely bring class, elegance and luxury to your bathroom: they also bring a soothing quality that helps you unwind and get charged up, depending on the time of the day. Beveled, and well cut, these mirrors are rendered into design, pattern and shape by the most expert hands you can find. The market for this segment is growing with the awareness regarding the importance of this space in any property: be it your home, office or any other commercial space.

To be able to see a catalog of designs and get them rendered and installed is as easy as logging onto our website or making a call. So pick up your phone today to give your walls a face lift!

December 18, 2012

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