Wall Mirrors: Bringing Reflection in Home

August 28th, 2022

Wall mirrors are a great option for your home for several reasons. They reflect natural light, make your space appear bigger than it is, and are a stylish addition to your home. From oversized and framed to frameless, we offer multiple wall mirror options. Moreover, they are elegant and complement all types of home decor, from traditional to modern styles. Let’s explore the top benefits of installing custom wall mirrors in your bathroom, living room, or any other space in your Toronto-area home.

wall mirror

The wall mirrors are one of the best features of our range here in Toronto. With our extensive range of wall mirrors, decor and beauty will never be too far away. But first let us look at the importance of doing up the walls.

The walls of your home or office, or any other kind of property, are the most important factors of that convey style and statement. This is because the walls hold everything in and give the illusion of an expanse. This expanse has to be treated well so as to put across the right feel, vibe and aesthetics within a space. How you do up your walls will tell how your space will evolve and what all it will evoke.

Beautify Your Toronto-Area Home with Custom Wall Mirrors 

Here are the top reasons why you should choose custom wall mirrors for your home.

1. They Are Affordable and Easy to Install

Mirrors are excellent space-saving products. If installed properly, they are functional and very low maintenance. Even if they are broken, they may be replaced easily and quickly. Moreover, mounting wall mirrors using nails or adhesives is a simple task you can do yourself.

2. They Make Your Space Look Bigger

Wall mirrors available in Toronto are excellent for making your home look bigger and more open than it is. Whether you develop a gallery wall of small mirrors or only hang one big one, wall mirrors help to develop an illusion of space or depth inside a room.

When it comes to the placement of your mirror, remember that bigger is always better. Smaller mirrors are excellent decorations on the wall of an art gallery. But if you wish to make a space look larger, choose a mirror that is almost half the size of the wall you wish to decorate. You may also use multiple large mirrors to make a hallway or entryway feels more spacious and luxurious.

3. They Develop an Illusion of Sunlight 

If you do not get enough sunlight in your living room, consider placing one mirror on the wall. This is especially helpful if you want to illuminate a room without windows or one with very small windows.

If you have a darker bedroom or entrance, consider keeping one mirror on the wall. This will make the whole room brighter by reflecting sunlight coming in from the windows in the areas where it requires the most amount of light. If it is placed opposite the window in your living room or workspace, a big mirror can make these spaces look open while adding brightness.

If you do not have multiple windows in a given room, you may use an arched mirror to create the illusion of a window. If you are unable to determine the mirror size, measure the free space on the wall. This way, you will understand how big an arched mirror you actually need.

They Make Your Wall Appear Less Covered Up

These mirrors are an excellent decorative tool to make a plain wall more interesting. They make walls appear less bare and are a stylish addition to your home. You may hang a big mirror in a small room or a small mirror in a big room. This makes your space look more attractive and stylish.

Besides size, you also need to consider the mirror’s shape. For example, a rectangular mirror is one of the most popular options for homeowners. Round mirrors are available in different sizes and pair well with all types of home decor. Oval mirrors are a great option for walk-in closets and bathrooms.

Decorative mirrors become artwork when kept above console tables or hung on blank walls. If you want to hang it above a mantelpiece or couch, do so at a low level so it doesn’t compete with artwork hung nearby.

Wall mirrors add depth or dimension to any space, especially if you select an attractive frame. The type of frame you choose, such as metal or wood, should cater to the room’s decor.

Now you know the top advantages of installing custom wall mirrors in Toronto. Whether you are renovating your home or just want to decorate a particular room, mirrors help to stylishly fill up a blank space. It is also a cost-effective way to beautify a wall.

If you are still struggling to determine which wall mirror suits your space, contact Academy Glass. As the Toronto area’s leading glass company, we are dedicated to offering the best repair, maintenance, and installation services to both homeowners and industrial customers. Read our reviews and learn how we serve our customers.