How to Repair a Shattered Home Window Glass Pane in Toronto

March 4th, 2022

Broken windows are something many homeowners in and around Toronto need to deal with. Whether caused by a stray tree branch or a wayward baseball, even top-quality window panes are susceptible to breaking.

And you need to repair it immediately. Even minor cracks can lead to major breaks if they are constantly exposed to fluctuating temperatures, moisture, or any kind of harsh treatment.

Academy Glass has the expertise to offer the best home window glass repair, maintenance, and installation services. Our professionals are thoroughly committed to providing our customers with quality service and fair pricing. We are one of the leading providers of mirror and glass products in the GTA.

Read this post to learn how to fix a shattered window pane. Or, if you don’t have the expertise(and fixing windows is not easy), find out why we recommend hiring a professional repair service.

Let’s get started.

Ways to Repair a Broken Window in Your Toronto-Area Home

Window repair is not easy. Rather, it requires skill, specialized tools, materials, and patience. If you want to give it a go, you will need the following tools:

  • ● Chisel
  • ● Pencil
  • ● Safety glasses
  • ● Glazing putty
  • ● Glazier points
  • ● Leather gloves
  • ● Measuring tape
  • ● Glass cutter

There are a few steps you must follow to fix a broken window pane. First, remove your window carefully from the frame. Keep it on a table and then remove the glaze as well as glazier points from the frame with a chisel. Measure and cut replacement glass to the proper size.

The next step is to roll glazing putty into thin rolls and push them inside the empty frame’s L-channel. (This is the channel where the glass is to be kept.) Then, place the window glass in the frame as well as add glazier points near the glass. Then push extra glazing in the L-channel and let it dry properly. The final step is to re-install your window in the frame.

What Are The Risks of Fixing A Broken Window Pane Yourself?

Are you finding window replacement difficult? It requires significant skill and delicacy which is why it is best left to the experts. Glass windows play a vital role in maintaining home energy efficiency and security. But incorrect window replacement has several risks.

Here are common problems you may face when repairing window glass panes:


Both professionals and home owners need to take appropriate precautions, such as wearing gloves and glasses, to reduce the chances of scratches or cuts while fixing window panes.

Improper Use of Putty 

New window panes should be secured with the right amount of putty. Using an excessive amount may lead to the window frame swelling. It may also push the pane out from its frame. On the other hand, if too little putty is used, the new window pane may fall out of its frame.

Mistakes in Glazier Points 

Placing the glazier points as well as simultaneously pressing your window glass into position is not easy. It is vital to note that excessive pressure may break the pane.

Why Hire an Expert to Fix a Shattered Window Glass Pane

You do not have to take such risks when you hire a leading glass company such as Academy Glass for window glass repair in Toronto. We understand that a shattered pane does not mean that the whole window is broken. We fix the exact problem and ensure that you do not need to spend money on anything extra.

A broken window glass pane is unsafe, especially if you don’t have experience. So, always allow the experts to deal with it. Call our professionals or book an appointment online to repair your home window glass pane repair in Toronto. Read our reviews to learn how pleased our clients are with our services.