What Are Smart Mirrors?

February 7th, 2017
From - Reddit.com
From – Reddit.com

Homes are increasing becoming more integrated with digital technology, also known as ‘smart homes’. But mirrors have not lost their importance in these smart homes. Even to this day the first thing that you look at in the morning is the mirror.

You must be wondering what these smart mirrors are and how they are different from conventional ones. A smart mirror provides the same benefits as that of a conventional mirror and is bettered by certain added functionalities.

 What Is a Smart Mirror?

Just like a ‘smart home’, a smart mirror is able to receive and transmit information on the internet. The mirror part that you see is reflective like a conventional mirror. However, as it has a computer behind it, it can provide you with a wide suit of information. Detailed information about your health, goals, dating or interview tips, traffic updates and similar things are all available in real-time.

 How Do They Work?

The smart mirror connects with your home’s Wi-Fi network and displays the local date, time, weather and other notifications.

However, smart mirrors can give you even more detailed information thanks to the latest technology they are built from. These mirrors use 3D-scanners, gas sensors and multispectral cameras to monitor your health. The scanners collect measurements of your face while you brush your teeth or admire yourself in the morning. They examine your face and analyze blood circulation, fatty tissues, facial colour and expression to build a health profile for you to view.

 How Is It Beneficial?

The purpose of these mirrors is to help people lead a healthier lifestyle. They offer in-depth and personalized skincare analysis based on the condition of your skin. Progress is tracked over time, with health tips being given as needed. You can consider these smart mirrors as your personal electronic dermatologist.

They are so accurate that they can even help in court cases. According to Professor Lise Lyngsnes Randeberg, Department of Electronics and Telecommunications, NTNU, this technology is useful for characterizing bruises and judging their age as well. Information gleamed this way is a deciding factor in many judicial cases.

These mirrors are beneficial in detecting anxiety and stress level. The gas sensors can track how much you drink and smoke by measuring your breath. The 3D-scanners and multispectral cameras measure weight fluctuations, blood oxygen level and cholesterol in the skin. This helps you in keeping track of your health issues on a regular basis and getting tips for improvement.

With the help of this useful technology, you can monitor your health by simply looking at the mirror. Your progress, health tips and life goals can be tracked and reviewed with little –more than a glace. Make it easier for yourself to adopt a healthier lifestyle!