When to Repair or Replace a Window in Your Toronto Home

February 7th, 2023

Do you have a broken window? Is it just damaged? Whether it is only a minor chip or a spreading crack, you are likely wondering what your options are to fix it. A repair may seem like it will cost less.

But will it?

Sometimes replacing it is actually the better option, based on its age and the extent of the damage.

In this post, we look at common window damage that can be repaired and when window replacement is the better choice.

Let’s dive right in.

Expert Tips for Deciding on Window Repair or Replacement in Toronto

Here are a few common signs suggested by our experts to help you determine whether to repair or replace your glass windows.

Situations Where Window Repair Is Preferable 

When it comes to home windows, there are two major areas of damage: the window glass and its surrounding area. If the glass is broken or causing a problem, the window likely needs to be replaced; damage to the surrounding places, like the sash or frame, may be repaired.

Here are a few situations where hiring a window repair service is sufficient:

1. Water Damage

If you notice a coffee-like stain, it may be a sign of water damage. This is caused when water seeps either through chips or cracks in the glass or due to water saturation in the frame or surrounding area. This damage may seem challenging, but, if the panes are intact, glass experts can repair the damage.

2. Rotted Window Frame 

A glass window’s wooden frame can rot due to humidity, snow melt, or heavy rain. The older the home is, the more susceptible the window frame is to rot.

3. Broken Mullions or Muntins

Mullions and muntins are wood pieces that sit between the glass panes and create a cross-shaped pattern. Some of these pieces are decorative while others support the glass panes. If these are peeling, dented, or chipped, they may be repaired easily by experts.

4. Worn-Out Caulking

If your window becomes drafty, it indicates that its caulking has to be repaired. Caulking is used to seal up gaps and is found between the window frame and wall. If caulking starts to wear off, the resulting gaps allow in water, cold air, and insects, thereby causing further damage to your home. Call our professionals to fix this problem and make your windows more functional.

5. Difficulty in Closing and Opening Glass Windows 

When home windows don’t close or open properly, it indicates a need for immediate repair. Not only are sticking windows annoying, but they may also create fire hazards. Older homes often have glass windows with rusty hinges or damaged sashes that hamper the window’s capacity to function properly. Inoperable windows may be caused due to the following issues:

  • The paint on the sash is thick and causes the window to stick.
  • The spring in spring-type window sash becomes loose.
  • The window frame becomes twisted and the sash fails to operate properly.
  • The latches or hinges become rusty.

6. Rotting of Drip Cap 

A drip cap is placed on the window frame’s top and acts just like a minor awning by preventing moisture from entering. If this drip is made of wood then it may rot. It is easy to repair with the help of experts.

Situations Where You Should Choose Window Replacement

Here are the most common signs you should replace old windows with new ones:

1. Cold Glass 

Multi-pane glass windows may keep out cold through added insulation. When you touch your windows during winter and notice they are very cold, there is a problem with the insulation. Therefore, you should immediately get it replaced.

2. Foggy Windows

Fog on the outside of the window pane is caused due to differences between outdoor and indoor temperatures. However, if fog is trapped between two glass panes, this is a bad sign. It signifies that water is condensing within the insulation glass unit (IGU) of the window. (IGU is the space between two panes of the glass; it is filled with argon or krypton gas.) It insulates the window and also allows triple- and double-pane windows to become energy-efficient. As they are sealed, the best way to repair a foggy window is to replace it.

3. Increased Energy Bills 

An energy-efficient window helps save you money by lowering your energy bills. Many houses, especially old ones, have single-pane glass windows which may not keep your space cool in summer and warm in winter. Replacing it will make your home more energy-efficient.

4. If Windows Are Excessively Damaged 

If the damage to your window is huge, then repair may not sufficient. In this case, it might be more cost-effective to replace it entirely.

These are the few important signs you should consider to determine whether to repair or replace a window. For example, if the windows are damaged or old, it is more cost-effective to replace them. When the windows are in good condition or new, then window repair is sufficient for your Toronto home. It is advisable to consult us to make the right decision for your needs as well as your budget.