When Does Your Home Require Window Repair?

September 20th, 2022

Windows are a functional aspect of our home, but they also add beauty and openness. Besides letting in natural light in and providing a view outside, they also aid in ventilation, ensuring you have access to fresh air.
However, when windows sustain damage due to use or the elements, they can become a safety hazard. Rotting frames can become worse if left unattended. And rusted hinges or sticking sashes may prevent you from opening windows in an emergency. In a worst-case scenario, it may even collapse and cause injury.
It’s not always easy to tell when your home windows need repair in Toronto. So, here are five signs that indicate that they do require attention. If you notice any of these signs, get in touch with a window glass repair service provider in Toronto like Academy Glass.

What Are the Signs That Your Toronto-area Home’s Glass Windows Need Repairs?

Take a look at a few indications that you need to call a window repair company.

  1. There Is Water Seeping Indoors

If you see water coming in through your windows every time it rains, this is a sign that you need a window repair in Toronto. For instance, when it rains, do you see water droplets seeping in? This means you need to contact professionals as soon as possible. Left unattended, it may result in mould growth, which causes a range of health issues.

However, this is not the only problem you may face. Unless you make sure your windows are properly fixed and sealed, it may lead to cracks, among other weaknesses. This includes damage to the walls.

  1. There Is Condensation on the Glass

It’s normal for glass window panes to get foggy from time to time. This happens when warm air hits cold air, resulting in condensation.

But, if you regularly see foggy glass, this may be due to a problem. Properly functioning glass windows will keep drafts outside and ensure your home remains at a comfortable temperature throughout the year. So, it should prevent outside air from flowing in; foggy panes mean there is a gap somewhere.

If you notice condensation on your glass windows fairly often, this is a clear indicator that you need home window repair in Toronto. Discuss with a professional whether the issue should be addressed with a window repair or if replacement is the better option.

  1. There Are Bugs in Your Home

Have you noticed bugs in your home lately? This may be a sign that you are in need of a window repair. Even a tiny gap between the walls and windows can allow bugs to enter. If you start seeing bugs anywhere, be sure to reach out to a home window repair company in Toronto.

  1. They Are Difficult to Open and/or Close

If you can’t open and close your windows properly, you are in need of immediate window glass repair services. Left unattended, this problem may lead to more severe issues, resulting in window replacement being necessary. It will also let heat escape and for cold to make its way inside.

Your windows may be inoperable due to one of the following issues:

  • Rusty hinges and latch
  • Too much paint on the sash,causing it to stick
  • A misaligned sash with the rack
  • Twisted window frames preventing the sash from working properly
  • The spring is loose in a spring-type sash

Remember that it’s never a good idea to compromise your comfort by allowing inefficient window operation.

  1. Their Frames Are Rotting

High humidity and heavy rains cause water to seep into the wooden frame over time. Even weatherproofed or treated wood can rot when exposed to moisture over prolonged periods. So, keep an eye out for rotting wood on windows throughout your home. Common signs include:

  • The wood punctures when you pinch it.
  • Crumbling wood breaking into small pieces.
  • The wood becoming discoloured in certain areas.

If you notice any of the above mentioned signs, don’t hesitate to call for home window repair in Toronto from our professionals. Taking care of these issues promptly will ensure that they do not become more severe and keeps your repair costs low. After all, a replacement is more expensive than simply having your windows repaired.