Why Choose Sandblasted Glass for Your Home or Office

May 3rd, 2017



Sandblasted Glass

Sandblasting is a process that creates a frosted effect on a window glass pane. In this technique, a mix of sand and water is sprayed on the glass surface with very high pressure. Sand particles rub the glass surface thus removing the gloss finish and engraving it with a frosted opaque effect. Be it your office cabin, partition wall or your glass shower door, it can be applied anywhere.

Many families are switching to sandblasted glass instead of the commonly preferred clear glass. They want greater sunlight protection and privacy, both areas where traditional glass is at a disadvantage. Customization is another feature that sandblasted glass excels in, as it can be shaped into a variety of styles.

Along with its interesting aesthetic, it also provides a few other important benefits to your home or office.

  • Greater Privacy

Unlike clear glass, sandblasted glass ensures privacy. In order to prevent people outside from looking inside your home or office, install sandblasted glass on your windows and doors. This type of glass blurs out the details of the object behind it, making hazy shadows visible.

  • Limits Sunlight

If you want to limit how much natural light enters your room, then sandblasted glass is what you want installed. It doesn’t completely block sunlight, but it limits the amount entering a room. It’s the perfect choice for people who want to work comfortably at home or in their office without glare.

  • Moisture Resistant

Sandblasted glass is ideal for glass shower doors because it’s moisture resistant. No water stains can form due to its engraved glass surface and moisture resistant features. This means that it’s near impossible for mold and mildew to form on sandblasted glass.

  • Better Temperature Control

Due to the frosted surface, the reflective nature of the glass is diffused. It restricts the entry of UV rays meaning a room won’t heat as quickly.  Since the rays don’t penetrate through the glass, the indoor temperature is maintained at a cooler level during the summer, thus saving you money on your energy bills.

  • Enhances the Look

Sandblasting transforms a clear piece of glass into something beautiful. Available in a wide variety of customizable designs, sandblasted glass make your doors and windows look classy and unique. You can also print designs on the glass to make the surface entirely your own.

If you want to customize your window glass or office cabin without compromising on privacy, then go for sandblasted glass. They resist moisture, block sunlight, maintain a cooler temperature and enhance the look of your home.