Window Glass Replacement Toronto: Reasons and More

November 7, 2012

Window glass replacement is one of the primary functions that we fulfill here at Academy Glass Company. With cutting edge technology and the highest quality glass, we go about rendering our services with zero error tolerance and complete precision. Also, a smile will never be far when we are around.

  • You may want to replace you old glass window with a new one. The window glass replacement here will be done with due considerations for the window frame and also the thickness and strength of the construction and the walls. Also, if it is above an exterior door like a storm or wire mesh door, we will have extra considerations as to what the glass strength and thickness should be. We will also assess how much weight your walls and the frame can support before we decide to fit an extra strong glass door.
  • For windows, some property owners may ask for a replacement so as to install insulated glass, or double layered glass to be able to deal with the winter in Toronto. To be able to replace the glass with insulated glass is a delicate matter. We ensure that the cutting of the layers takes place in a very precise and accurate manner, with absolutely no cracks. Even one crack on either layer can mean that the window will be rendered useless as it will fog up and worse, with a crack water will fill up between the layers and leave an ugly mouldy look after a while. This may not be immediately apparent, but it will become more visible after a while.
  • Replacing a window glass can be due to the fact that cracks, breakages, poor quality and fogging of glass have afflicted the glass and left the window without a respectable view. This can easily be fixed by. In fact, if there is a view that you find unpleasant, we will be more than happy to suggest the best of tinted glass varieties for you to choose from.

The concept of glass replacement for windows is one that requires great expertise. Our staff and experts are dedicated to the process and do not leave any room whatsoever for error or defects.

November 7, 2012

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