Window Replacement: Simple Guide to Materials & Glass

August 4th, 2021

Windows enhance the look of your house, shield it from the elements, and filter noise. Over time, however, they can lose their aesthetic appeal and functionality, requiring that you replace them.

If you think you may require window replacement services in the Toronto area, there are easy ways to make that decision. Keep reading to figure out whether it may be time to say hello to new windows and goodbye to your current ones.

4 Key Benefits of Windows Replacement

Window replacement within the GTA, including our home city of Markham, is very common, especially for these reasons.


1. They Increase Energy Efficiency

Inexpensive windows are a common source of lost energy. With energy-efficient replacement windows, such as dual and triple-paned ones, you can expect to lose less energy and save on your energy bills.

2. They Are Easy to Clean 

We’re all busy, so it’s important that windows be easy to clean. Double-hung windows with tilt-in sashes, for instance, allow you to clean the outside glass from inside your home. Some windows even come with exterior glass coatings that keep them looking clean for a long time.

3.They Look Good and Reduce Noise 

New sleek windows can change the look of your home. You can pick a different colour, style, or design with updated hardware, grids, and interior finishes. Windows with double and triple panes with low-e coatings, or argon or krypton gas, can make your home quieter by dampening noise pollution. These are good options if you live in a high-traffic area.

4. They Are Durable and Increase Home Resale Value 

High-quality windows built with the latest technology will not only deliver years of flawless performance but also add to your home’s resale value. Some windows also provide protection from harmful UV rays, thus saving your furniture from fading and damage.

What Material Should You Choose? (5 Top Choices)

Which window material you choose will depend on your purpose.

1. Wood Windows 

The inherent insulating properties of woods allow them to deliver the best thermal performance. Add to that their natural look and warmth, and they are the best option for a traditional look.

2. Vinyl Windows

Vinyl is a petroleum-based product that is adversely affected by UV rays. But improvements in design and formulation have considerably improved its quality. Today, it has become a viable alternative to wood. Its low thermal conductivity makes it ideal for windows, and, because it is flexible, several internal hollow chambers are added to improve its strength. These chambers increase energy performance and trap air, which blocks sound.

 3. Cellular PVC Windows 

These are fairly new in the Toronto window replacement market. Cellular PVC is an extruded material with the working characteristics of wood, minus its many potential problems. It is used in interior and exterior trim, blinds, furniture, windows, and doors. It has less than half the density of regular PVC but has very high tensile strength. It is also resistant to the expansion and contraction caused by changes in temperature.

4. Fiberglass Windows – H3 Tag

Fiberglass is extremely new to the market but its benefits have made it a worthy competitor to other materials. It is structurally strong and minutely affected by temperature changes. It is stronger than vinyl and has better thermal efficiency.

5. Composite Windows 

Any of the materials mentioned above can be combined to create hybrid windows. They are expensive but have higher energy efficiency. These are easy to maintain and durable as well.

Types of Glass to Choose From

Low emissivity (low-e) glass offers good thermal performance while tempered glass is extremely safe. Even if it breaks, it shatters into extremely small pellets that don’t cause injury. Laminated glass shields you from noise and controls glare and UV radiation. It is both safe and decorative. First, determine whether you need glass repair or replacement, as sometimes a little repair is all you need to fix your window glass.


Whether you are replacing the window sash, inserting a replacement, or replacing the entire frame, always hire a professional. Do a little research about what to replace and from where to get your replacement. Making well-informed choices will help you get the best windows and save substantially on window replacement.