5 Zen Bathroom Ideas to Create a Relaxing Environment

February 25th, 2020

The traditional concept of home as our one true sanctuary is no longer plausible in an age of 24/7 internet, smart homes and home offices.

That’s why we’ve seen a rise in Zen bathrooms where you can enjoy some much-needed peace.

Zen-inspired home design is generally an amalgamation of clean lines, minimalistic influences, natural hues and organic elements. It’s the ultimate space to unwind in while relishing some peace.

zen-themed bathroom

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Here are some tips on how to make any sized bathroom more Zen.

5 Zen Bathroom Design Ideas

  1. Embrace Minimalism

Minimalism and Zen go hand-in-hand.

Zen inspired bathrooms should be designed to encourage calmness, instead of clutter and ornamentation. Remember, moderation is key in minimalist design.

Consider buying wood or wicker baskets to house your bathroom countertop items. Alternatively, install a medicine cabinet to store hygiene products and keep your vanity clutter-free and organized. Throw away unnecessary items like toothbrushes, expired cosmetics and empty bottles to free up more space.

If you have a small vanity without enough space for all your products, put up wall shelves that blend with the decor and colour scheme. Use smaller baskets to store your items.

  1. Incorporate Earthy Tones

Zen-inspired design schemes generally include natural colours with soft shades and tones representing the Earth. These include white, beige, grey and pink. Loud colours are counterproductive to a serene environment.

This includes black. Though considered minimalistic, it can come across as very loud when used in a small bathroom.

Colourful tiles aren’t recommended either, but if you live in a rental and can’t change the existing ones, use removable stickers or area rugs to cover them.

  1. Consider Glass Shower Doors

Simplicity is a defining feature of Zen-themed bathrooms, so why not use glass shower doors instead of curtains? Glass cubicles, which can be customized to fit your bathroom, are décor elements that offer simple lines to suit the theme. Transparent glass offers a clean appearance while making the bathroom look spacious and spa-like since there’s no closed-off partition blocking the view.

  1. Involve Organic Elements

The main purpose of Zen is to quiet the mind and direct it towards nature. That’s why a Zen bathroom should feature organic elements like woven rugs, pebbles, rocks and wood. Natural light is one of the best ways to complement the overall design scheme and make every feature stand out. A window can be a great way to bring nature inside, but if your bathroom doesn’t have one, use bonsai or bamboo to reinforce the theme. Even more suitable is a display of ikebana flowers.

  1. Play with Fragrances

Aromatherapy has been around for hundreds of years as a holistic healing treatment. It uses natural plant extracts to promote physical and mental well being. Also referred to as oil therapy, it revolves around using aromatic essential oils medicinally to enhance both emotional and physical health.

Jasmine, lavender, sandalwood and thyme are generally used for their calming effect. Eucalyptus oil is known to relieve headaches and can open your airways when you have a cold. Peppermint oil can wake up your brain, boost concentration and increase alertness. You can use bathing salts, scented candles or sticks, oil diffusers or potpourri to cover the scents in your bathroom.

Using fragrances allows you to create a sanctuary that helps wake your brain in the morning or get a good night’s sleep, depending on the fragrances you choose. It’s the perfect way to enjoy a little spa right in the comfort of your home.

Zen is a Buddhist approach to life followed by many all over the world. Parts of the teachings focus on how to discover harmony and balance with our environment, bring together mind and body, and experience life in the present. When you take these into account, it’s no surprise that it affects all aspects of life, including how your bathroom is decorated and designed. In fact, it’s these precise aspects that make the Zen approach to design so powerful when it comes to creating an inviting and serene space. So, use these tips to create a bathroom retreat both you and your family can enjoy.