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Are you planning to upgrade your shower area to something more sophisticated than the shower curtain? Remodel your bathroom with complete shower enclosures solutions from Academy Glass. With more than 40 years of providing designer shower solutions to clients, we boast some of the best variations in style and sizes for any bathroom.

Shower stalls serve a lot of functionality compared to traditional bathrooms. If you are in a doubt whether to install an enclosure in your bathroom, here are some points to ponder over:

  • They make your bathroom more functional and trendy at the same time
  • Reduce the chances of flooding your bathroom
  • Reduce risk of danger for other family members, as the bathroom floor remains dry
  • Cleanliness is another factor to consider
  • Make your bathroom more compact with towel and soap racks inside the stall
  • Add charm and elegance to your bathroom

Which Shower Enclosure to Install

Now that you are sold on the advantages of shower enclosures, you’d be spoil for choice. While we have a wide variety of styles, designs, shapes and sizes, we wouldn’t recommend everything for everyone.

Our expert designers and architects help you make the right choice of enclosure.

They consider various factors like:

  • Your requirement
  • The kind of remodeling or renovation you are opting for
  • Your aesthetic sensibilities
  • And of course the amount of space available in your bathroom

Consult with a Shower Expert Today!

We offer a wide range of styles to choose from:

  • Frameless Solutions
  • Quadrant Enclosures
  • Walk-In Showers
  • Neo Angle Stalls
  • Pentagonal Enclosures
  • …and many more varieties!

Why Should You Choose Us?

Not to be smug or anything, but because we are the Experts. With more than four decades behind us, we have learnt to take care of your needs first. Each glass product we offer is covered by the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) guidelines. In accordance to the guidelines, all our glass products are heat tempered to protect the customer from physical danger of broken glass.

Heat tempered glass breaks into tiny pieces in case of an accident and reduces the chances of physical harm. Untreated glass can break into shards and pose danger to your health.

We believe in the Safety of the Customer and abide by the guidelines that were adopted by the International Building Code (IBC).

Besides glass enclosure products, we also provide installation, repair and maintenance services on an emergency basis.

Now you know why you can trust us with your shower installation!

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